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Perry Marshall - Best-selling author

I (sort of) told Ted he should write this book in 2008. Actually at the time the topic du jour was Twitter, but I suggested to Entrepreneur Press that they make him their LinkedIn author. He grabbed hold of LinkedIn and ran with it. He’s become in my estimation the world’s #1 guy for power LinkedIn users. Others may be better known for teaching newbies, but for serious hands on people, this guide is very detailed.

This book is worth the money and trouble just for specific narrow topics, recruiting new employees for example (chapter 19). To Ted’s advice I would also suggest that rather than reading piles of resumes, that you engage with applicants quickly *by immediately assigning test tasks to them and seeing how well they do them.* As I say in my 80/20 Sales & Marketing book, it should be an audition, not an interview.

I also direct your attention to the chapter “Creating LinkedIn ads that convert like crazy.” LinkedIn is an under-rated, under-utilized platform for paid advertising and undoubtedly reaches people that are harder to reach on other platforms.

Ted is very empathetic and dare I say compassionate to the nascent entrepreneur who is getting his or her sea legs. The guy just enjoys helping people. He brings a sound, results-oriented philosophy of testing and definite outcomes - bankable outcomes like clients and gigs, not merely counting connections and social media points.

This isn’t a flash-and-dash book. It doesn’t have the kind of sensational appeal that you might find in “Jab, Jab, Right Hook,” but you’ll also find the content is also not nearly as dependent on Ted’s personal opinion. Ted is giving you a factual, practical, scientific way to build out your profile and publicity strategy. Follow the steps, get the result. 

Joel Comm - Internet Visionary

As the definitive social network for people doing business, entrepreneurs ignore LinkedIn at their own peril. Take the direct approach to reaching the movers and shakers by listening to what Ted has to say! 

Chasen Chess - Real Estate Investor

From LinkedIn novice to "Man, am I gonna ROCK LinkedIn" all in 276 pages! Here's the good news. This book is for LinkedIn novices to rock stars. 

Ted has this easy, flowing writing voice that makes you feel like you're kicked back in a relaxing sofa drinking a glass of wine as he graciously explains LinkedIn from A-Z. He's techie enough to make the Silicon Valley crowd happy and still relaxed enough in his writing style to not intimidate the novices. Ted takes you from step #1-setting up your LinkedIn profile, to how to use LinkedIn to snag a job before someone else does. 

From how to SUPERCHARGE your profile to the intimacies of LinkedIn advertising, Ted will have you feeling like a LinkedIn expert by the time you're done. I always judge a book by its ROI potential (return on investment) and ask myself... will this new knowledge make me more money for my business. The answer is a resounding YES. Don't walk, RUN and grab this book right now. 

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